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I want to get the last quater's last date from Java Date/Calender classes.

For example :

If current date = 3rd Oct

Lat Quater Last Date : 30th Sept. 

I am able to get the same using date.getMonth() methods, but since these methods are depricated, wondering if any better way to achive the same.

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Please put a note for the reason of down-vote, I did not find same questions available. –  Swagatika Oct 4 '13 at 7:07

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for date manipulation you should use Calendar. This may not be the most efficient way, but it works for your problem:

public Date calculateLastDayOfLastQuarter(Date date) {
    Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();

    SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("dd.MM.yyyy");
    int year = calendar.get(Calendar.YEAR);

    try {
        switch (calendar.get(Calendar.MONTH)) {
        case Calendar.JANUARY:
        case Calendar.FEBRUARY:
        case Calendar.MARCH:
            return sdf.parse("31.12." + (year - 1));
        case Calendar.APRIL:
        case Calendar.MAY:
        case Calendar.JUNE:
            return sdf.parse("31.03." + year);
        case Calendar.JULY:
        case Calendar.AUGUST:
        case Calendar.SEPTEMBER:
            return sdf.parse("30.06." + year);
        case Calendar.OCTOBER:
        case Calendar.NOVEMBER:
        case Calendar.DECEMBER:
            return sdf.parse("30.09." + year);
            return null;
    } catch (ParseException e) {
        return null;
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Thanks, I was looking for this. –  Swagatika Oct 4 '13 at 7:28

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