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I have an application that needs to consume an asynchronous web service that requires wsa:MesssageId, wsa:ReplyTo wsa:address, and ws:To in the header. While wsa:MessageId and wsa:To are quite straightforward, I am stump on wsa:ReplyTo. I understand that ReplyTo address is where the async web service will send the response to but how does my application get notify of the response and retrieve it? Do I need host a httplisterner or a web service to listen on the address and port I specify in wsa:ReplyTo address? I have already added code to BeforeSendRequest(...) to add the wsa:messageId, wsa:replyto, and wsa:to to the header but I don't know what address to put into the ReplyTo address. Please advise. Thanks.

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In order to set the WS-Addressing header elements, such as wsa:To, wsa:ReplyTo, you don't really need to use a message inspector as you can set the elements via the OutgoingMessageHeaders. The following link provides a good reference:


In any event, to receive the service callback, you must have an active service listening at the EndpointReference.
If you need help setting up a WCF service listener, the following link provides a good overview:



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Thanks for the quick response. About the service callback, I have an IIS hosted WCF service I want to use to receive the service callback. My WCF service is at xx.xx.xx.xx:444/StatsInfo.svc and the method I want to use to process the service callback response is processResponse(). What do I enter as the wsa:ReplyTo address? Should the wsa:ReplyTo address be xx.xx.xx.xx:444/StatsInfo.svc";? Should the response processing method be part of wsa:ReplyTo address and if not how does the service callback response find its way to the method I want to use to process the response? – user2845501 Oct 4 '13 at 14:53
The following link may help clarify ... stackoverflow.com/questions/9129750/… – Seymour Oct 4 '13 at 16:11
That article says: OperationContext.Current.OutgoingMessageHeaders.ReplyTo = new EndpointAddress("client/callback"); My wcf that handles the callback response is hosted at "xx.xx.xx.xx:444/StatsInfo.svc"; and the method is "processResponse". Does that mean wsa:ReplyTo should be set to "xx.xx.xx.xx:444/processResponse"; or should it be "xx.xx.xx.xx:444/StatsInfo.svc/processResponse";? How does my client application get notfiy when processResponse is invoked? – user2845501 Oct 4 '13 at 17:18

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