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At line mpsMAPISession.SignOn() , "Error in loading MAPI. dll" error is coming. Kindly check the code why this error is coming

Dim mpsMAPISession As New MSMAPI.MAPISession
    If mpsMAPISession.NewSession Then
        mpsMAPISession.NewSession = False ' mpsMAPISession.DownLoadMail = False
    End If

    mpsMAPISession.DownLoadMail = False ' Set DownLoadMail to False to prevent immediate download.
    mpsMAPISession.LogonUI = True ' Use the underlying email system's logon UI.
    mpsMAPISession.SignOn() ' Signon method.
    mpsMAPISession.NewSession = True ' Set NewSession to True
    Dim mpmMAPIMessage As New MSMAPI.MAPIMessages
    mpmMAPIMessage.SessionID = mpsMAPISession.SessionID
    mpmMAPIMessage.MsgSubject = tSubject
    mpmMAPIMessage.MsgNoteText = tBody

    If Len(tPrimaryEmail) > 0 Then
        mpmMAPIMessage.RecipAddress = tPrimaryEmail
    End If

    mpmMAPIMessage.AttachmentPathName = mtAttachFileName

    mpsMAPISession.NewSession = False ' mpsMAPISession.DownLoadMail = False
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