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I have the following function that take the date picked using J Query date-picker and call code behind function in C#

     $(function () {
                monthNames: ["كانون الثاني", "شباط", "آذار", "نيسان", "أيار", "حزيران", "تموز", "آب", "أيلول", "تشرين الأول", "تشرين الثاني", "كانون الأول"],
                dayNames: ["أحد", "اثنين", "ثلاثاء", "أربعاء", "خميس", "جمعة", "سبت"],
                dayNamesMin: ["أحد", "اثنين", "ثلاثاء", "أربعاء", "خميس", "جمعة", "سبت"] ,
                firstDay: 0,
                onSelect: function (date) {

and this is the code behind method

    public static void changeDate(string date)
        //Session["date"] = date;

        //lblCurrentDate.text = date;

i want to change the text of label and put "date" on the session, but this is not work

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You cannot perform a server call in your javascript code. You have to perform an ajax call to the server PageMethod instead.

Take a look at $.ajax().

Here is a good example.

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