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I have the following data in my controller:

$scope.breeds = ["Poodle", "Collie", "German shepherd"];

$scope.dogs = [
        { name: "Bingo", breed: "Poodle" },
        { name: "Lassie", breed: "Collie" },
        { name: "Bert", breed: "German shepherd" },
        { name: "Lily", breed: "Poodle" },
        { name: "Obi-Wan", breed: "Collie" }

And here's my html:

<select ng-model="query.breed" ng-options="breed for breed in breeds">                                    
    <option value="">All breeds</option>

            <tr ng-repeat="dog in dogs |filter:query">

All works fine - When I select Collie, the objects with breed == "Collie" are displayed, etc. But I can't figure out how to make the "All breeds" options work.

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When using ngOptions, value="" sets model to null which is incompatible with filter. You can use just ngRepeat.

<select ng-model="query.breed">
    <option value="">All breeds</option>
    <option ng-repeat="breed in breeds" value="{{breed}}">{{breed}}</option>
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