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me again with another basic problem I have. I'm using ghci.

I (with help) created this working code:

newtype Name = Name String deriving (Show)
newtype Age = Age Int deriving (Show)
newtype Weight = Weight Int deriving (Show)
newtype Person = Person (Name, Age, Weight) deriving (Show)   

isAdult :: Person -> Bool
isAdult (Person(_, Age a, _)) =  a > 18

However problems occur when I tried making a more complex function updateWeight that allows the user to change a Person's weight from it's previous value. Can you point out where I have gone wrong?

updateWeight :: Person -> Int -> Person
updateWeight (Person(_,_,Weight w) b = (Person(_,_,w+b))
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can you accept the answer from yesterday then? :) –  Jeremy D Oct 4 '13 at 10:52

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The problem is that you can't use the _ placeholder on the right hand side of an expression. You'll have to pass through the unchanged values. Also, you must wrap the result of w + b with a Weight again. This should work:

updateWeight :: Person -> Int -> Person
updateWeight (Person(n, a, Weight w) b = (Person(n, a, Weight (w + b)))

You can get rid of the boilerplate of passing through the unchanged values by using record syntax for the Person type.

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