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I just got some crazy ideas for analyzing the Twitter social graph (i.e., representing follow-relations as the edges of a graph). Interestingly, the Twitter API provides methods for creating the graph. It is possible to read out a static snapshot of the social graph, whereas Twitter is a very dynamic network. It would be great if one could dynamically update the graph. So my question is: Is there any way to get notified by Twitter when anyone starts or stops to follow anyone?

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I believe that the documentation you linked to would definitely mention that.

I'm quite certain that you need to do your own follower-list checking, and compare results on a regular basis.

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I do this if someone follows me or not and how many followers they have and i generate this chart

public function existsFriendship($username,$friend)
      if ($this->twitter->existsFriendship($username, $friend))
        return true;
    catch(Exception $e)


for the chart generation i use pchart.

in smarty template the code looks like this;

include("pChart/pChart.class"); ![alt text][1]
 // Initialise the graph
 $Test = new pChart(700,230);

 // Draw the line graph

 // Finish the graph
 $Test->drawTitle(60,22,"Twitter Graph",50,50,50,585);

 $example = $Test->Render("templates/example1.png");

finaly the result alt text

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