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I have a sprite object in XNA.
It has a size, position and rotation.
How to translate a point from the screen coordinates to the sprite coordinates ?

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Not sure what you're asking. The sprite's position is in screen coordinates, isn't it? –  Kyralessa Dec 16 '09 at 21:52
I want to translate a mouse click on the screen to X/Y of the sprite's image (if the click is inside the sprite). –  Shachar Weis Dec 16 '09 at 22:15

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You might find the following XNA picking sample useful:


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You need to calculate the transform matrix for your sprite, invert that (so the transform now goes from world space -> local space) and transform the mouse position by the inverted matrix.

Matrix transform = Matrix.CreateScale(scale) * Matrix.CreateRotationZ(rotation) * Matrix.CreateTranslation(translation);

Matrix inverseTransform = Matrix.Invert(transform);
Vector3 transformedMousePosition = Vector3.Transform(mousePosition, inverseTransform);
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One solution is to hit test against the sprite's original, unrotated bounding box. So given the 2D screen vector (x,y):

  1. translate the 2D vector into local sprite space: (x,y) - (spritex,spritey)
  2. apply inverse sprite rotation
  3. perform hit testing against bounding box

The hit test can of course be made more accurate by taking into account the sprite shape.

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I think it may be as simple as using the Contains method on Rectangle, the rectangle being the bounding box of your sprite. I've implemented drag-and-drop this way in XNA; I believe Contains tests based on x and y being screen coordinates.

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But does the bounding box take into account that the sprite is rotated? –  Peter Lillevold Dec 18 '09 at 7:38

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