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I am trying to create some autosizing properties for an angular ng-grid element:

       for (var i = 0; i < $scope.dates.length; i++) {
            var dateElement = {
                field: 'reportMap.' + $scope.dates[i] + '.hours | round',
                displayName: i + 1,
                minWidth: "27px",
                maxWidth: "46px"


            if ($scope.holidays.indexOf(i + 1) != -1) {
                dateElement.cellTemplate = 'app/partials/gridCell.html';


          $scope.gridOptions = {
                data: 'monthlyReports',
                columnDefs: 'columns',
                plugins: [new ngGridFlexibleHeightPlugin()],
                enableRowSelection: false,
                enableColumnResize: true,
                enableSorting: false,
                enableCellSelection: true

However, when the field data gets longer than 4 characters the content is hidden. I.e. the width is not increased. I could be using width: "auto" but i need to limit the sizing of th columns somewhat...

Why is the column width not increased when the conent gets longer than 27px?

This is what i get setting the width to auto for my date elements:

enter image description here

This is what i want, dynamic width depending on content! (i also want less padding around the number and the left and right sides of the cell, see the wide cell)

enter image description here

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Ovveriding the cell properties did the trick in this case, just increasing the constant width one pixel to 28px and overriding the padding made it look good.

ngCellText {padding: 2px; text-align: center;}
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