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I am hoping that someone can help me with my problem. I have a client application that sends XML messages to Camel. I am using Mina2 v2.11.1 component in Camel as a endpoint to consume incoming XML. I have no control over the client application and in most cases it requires a response to the request. However there are a 2 messages that do not require a response. I am finding that if I do not respond to every message then it will drop the connection, this is not desired as it needs to maintain the connection wether a response is sent or not. I tried to set the disconnectOnNoReply = false, but it does not seem to be working as it continues to drop the connection. My route in camel is setup as…

        <camel:from uri="mina2:tcp://;disconnectOnNoReply=false"/> 
        <camel:bean ref="OutputProcessor"/> 

Is it possible that I am doing something wrong in my encoder that is causing this to happen? My encoder looks like…

public void encode(IoSession is, Object o, ProtocolEncoderOutput peo) throws Exception { 

    if (o != null) { 
        IoBuffer ioBuffer = IoBuffer.allocate(512, false); 
        byte[] responseByteArr = (byte[]) o; 
        ioBuffer.flip();    //Flip it or there will be nothing to send 

If anyone can shed some light on this I would really appreciate it!


  • Tim
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1 Answer

can you post the detailed configuration and code? Especially the #myDecoder and OutputProcessor bean.

I think something went wrong with those 2. Did you see some error in the log?

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