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I'm currently looking at ways to allow people to select multiple files at once to batch upload images. I'm evaluating these options for my ASP.NET web app:

I'm leaning toward YUI because the documentation is clear and I basically already wrote the file uploaders and thumbnailers which Flajaxian provides, the javascript seems more compact too. I can't even begin evaluating Dojo because it's unclear to me how to get the parts that would integrate with .NET out of the PHP examples.

Has anyone had really good or really bad experiences with any of these?

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SWFUploader seems to be the best option here. Compact, stylable with CSS, open source on code.google.com .

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Thanks for everyone's opinion but I ended up using YUI Uploader because that's what flickr uses and the project spec was basically an analysis of flickr's features.

The experience of using it was essentially excellent, and being able to compare it to what flickr did was also helpful.

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Look at this one too. It's free.


I'm using it in an application I'm developing for uploading multiple music files. The author provides the source code as a VS 2008 project and the source Flash/Flex file. Works like a charm.

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