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Below is my Content:

    Security ID:        S-1-5-21-3368353891-1012177287-890106238-22451
    Account Name:       ChamaraKer
    Account Domain:     JIC
    Logon ID:       0x1fffb

    Object Server:  Security
    Object Type:    File
    Object Name:    D:\ApacheTomcat\apache-tomcat-6.0.36\logs\localhost.2013-07-01.log
    Handle ID:  0x11dc

I need to match the line containing Object Name using a Regular expression.

Following is what i have tried:


The above regex matches Account Name: ChamaraKer, But my requirement is to match the line containing the word Object Name. How can i do this? It would be great if any one could help me with this problem.

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Your regex is actually trying to match lines that contains Object OR Name..

Change it it

^.*\bObject Name\b.*$
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Thanks for your answer. I have one more question if you could help me with. I need to capture the words after the Object Name: in that line. How do i do that? Pls help me – Chamara Keragala Oct 4 '13 at 14:24

Response to comment:

^.*\bObject Name:(.*)$

Group 1 will have everything match inside of (.*).

Depending on regex engine, for example it'll be \1 (for Notepad++) or match.Groups[1].Value (C#)

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