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How to retrieve movie atoms from file with ffmpeg? For example I need avcC atom bytes. I would rather not code parser myself if there is some solution. seems to provide some API, but I'm not familiar with ffmpeg.

Or is there direct API to obtain SPS and PPS NALs?

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I don't know if FFmpeg offers a direct API to retrieve these details. However, here's an incredibly lazy solution that should allow you to grab the avcC atom from a QuickTime/MP4 file:

  1. Open the file and locate the moov atom in the top-level atom structure (traverse among mdat, ftyp, and perhaps a few other atoms).
  2. Load the entire moov atom into memory (it will fit easily).
  3. Perform a string search for 'avcC'.

It's not the cleanest approach but it will probably work. For extra sanity (just in case the string 'avcC' occurs elsewhere in the atom, like in a metadata atom), check the 4 bytes preceding the 'avcC' string, treat them as a big-endian 32-bit number which indicate the length of the avcC atom, and make sure that they make sense. I just checked a few H.264 .MP4 files and, empirically, the length is about 43-45 bytes. At the very least, make sure that the length of the atom is greater than 8 (minimum atom size) and also doesn't bump up against the end of the moov atom.

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