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I'm looking for a way to implement it but I'm having no luck in Google to find some documentation or tutorial.

I'd like to use Rampart so that an Axis2 WebService can authenticate its client against LDAP/Active Directory.

WS-Security would (securily lol) handle the transfer of client's credentials and authenticate it with LDAP. If authentication fails it will return some Exception and never let the request reach the WebService. If it succeeds it will call WS operation and provide it with client's username.

I think it would be simpler (to implement both server and client) to just configure WebServer to force HTTPS and all operations just have a domain/username/password parameter. But in some situations HTTPS may not be an option (blocked port in example). And we must encrypt only user's credentials, not whole WS envelope.

Also, using WS-Security to handle it will avoid our application from manipulating plain text passwords.

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