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I am trying to bridge C++ and Python with Cython.

My plan is to write .dll files in C++, then use them in Python via Cython. (I would exclusively focus on Cython, so other libraries such as Boost will not be considered.)

In this case, I can have high calculation performance of C++, while having the simplicity of development in Python.

I tried to generate .dll with Cython following the Cython tutorial, but failed to generate a .dll file. For details, please read my other question.

In the above question, I can use a Python extension in .pxd format. But this really is not what I want.

So, how can I use Cython to generate a .dll file that written in C++, and use it in Python?

Since I am very new to this, I'm afraid that I may mistaken with some of the fundamental concepts. Thus, if a .dll file is not built at Cython side, how can I use a .dll file that written in C++ in Python via Cython?

Appologies for my ignorance. Any help would be appreciated.

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