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I am trying to implement a route with conditions and splitters.

from("{{" + feed + ".downloadSource}}")
            .setProperty("splitSize",simple("{{" + feed + ".splitSize}}"))
            .setProperty("feedName", simple(feed))
            .setProperty("tableName",simple("{{" + feed + ".tableName}}"))
            .setProperty("options", simple("{{" + feed + ".options}}"))
            .setProperty("dateFormat", simple("{{" + feed + ".dateFormat}}"))
            .setProperty("headerFormat", simple("{{" + feed + ".headerFormat}}"))
            .setProperty("authenticateURL", simple("{{" + feed + ".authenticateURL}}"))
            .setProperty("username", simple("{{" + feed + ".username}}"))
            .setProperty("password", simple("{{" + feed + ".password}}"))
            .split(beanExpression(new APProcessor(), "getSplitProcessor"))
            .to("{{" + feed + ".downloadDestination}}")
                .when(simple("${property.CamelSplitComplete} == true"))
                .process(new RSProcessor())

When This route is executed in the APProcessor method getSplitProcessor when I retrieve the CamelLoopIndex it returns 0 everytime. If I remove the choice block it executes fine. I am missing the issue. Need help.

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A loop includes all operations until the first occurense of to. As a workaround you could move all repeatable operations into a separate direct: route.

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Ok. Thanks. Will comment further once I test it. –  Sumit Srivastava Oct 4 '13 at 13:58
Great. This worked. Thanks a lot. –  Sumit Srivastava Oct 4 '13 at 14:33

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