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I've imported a spreadsheet of data into R using the read.xlsx command but there are elements marked Low interspersed in the data because they weren't measured properly.

So an example column in the data looks like this:

[15, 6, Low, 23, 39, Low]

I want to replace the Low elements with numeric values but when I try a command like:

data[3,2] <- 4 #.....I get the following error message:

Warning message: 
In '[<-.factor '('*tmp*', iseq, value = 4): invalid factor level, NAs generated.

I've tried various combinations of as.numeric, as.character, as.factor but none of them get round this error message.

I've been told that the way to do this, is to convert the Low elements to missing values but when I do this and try to replace the NAs with a numeric, I still get the same error message!

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Set option(stringsAsFactors=FALSE) before importing your data. However, you will end up with a character variable, which you will need to coerce to numeric before doing any calculations. Also, set the Low values to NA (which denotes unknown values) and leave it like that. R comes with facilities to deal with NA. read.table (and other data import functions) comes with a na.strings parameter which allows coercing Low to NA during import. –  Roland Oct 4 '13 at 13:30
Cross posting without stating you're doing so is considered rude. –  Tyler Rinker Oct 4 '13 at 14:13

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A factor is a type of variable that only accepts predefined values. So if you have the following factor :

fac <- factor(c("15","6","Low","23","39","Low"))

Then the predefinded set of values is :

R> levels(fac)
[1] "15"  "23"  "39"  "6"   "Low"

If you want to attribute "4" as a velue, you either have to change your factor labels :

R> factor(fac, levels=c("15","23","39","6","Low"), labels=c("15","23","39","6","4"))
[1] 15 6  4  23 39 4 

Or first convert it to a character vector :

R> v <- as.character(fac)
R> v[v=="Low"] <- "4"
R> v
[1] "15" "6"  "4"  "23" "39" "4" 
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That works great. Just 1 more query: What do you do if the way the 'Low' is displayed in the data varies so you can't always pick it up with v=="Low" Eg: data = [5 6 Low< 13 27 <Low 14 Low*] I tried: v[grep("Low",v)] <- "4" but that didn't work, returning this error message: Warning message: In '[<-.factor '('tmp', iseq, value = 4): invalid factor level, NAs generated. –  user2846211 Oct 4 '13 at 14:32
Did you use as.character(v) before your call to grep ? –  juba Oct 4 '13 at 14:33
Ah that fixes it! Thanks –  user2846211 Oct 4 '13 at 15:01

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