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Which .NET JSON serializers can deal with NHibernate proxy objects? I tried using JSON.NET but it craps out when it hits a proxied object.

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Thanks, that solution answered it. – Daniel T. Dec 17 '09 at 1:32
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I would say that the best idea would be to deal with the proxy objects rather than actually find another way to serialise JSON. I have answered another question which involves eager loading these proxy objects in a legacy database which returns either the correct object or null here. Please also note that with the proper database set up with foreign keys and definite links between objects/tables you shouldn't run into any proxy objects. Also note that this is not what is required for fluent NHibernate, I am assuming that you are using separate hbm mapping files.

Good luck!

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Thanks. I realize now that even though I can fix it in Json.NET, the fact that NHibernate proxy objects plays bad with reflection (specifically GetType()) is game-killing considering how many tools use reflection to work their magic. Also, I have a proper object graph; the proxy objects is due to lazy loading. – Daniel T. Dec 19 '09 at 3:07

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