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I am not getting the difference between these 2 queries,

1.alter user username account lock; 2.REVOKE CREATE SESSION FROM username;

how these queries will affect user ?

If I use revoke session then what operations will be possible ? And what will be possible if I use account lock ?

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There is little practical difference, other than the privileges you need. The effect on the user is the same. Tom Kyte has a written about this, of course. –  Alex Poole Oct 4 '13 at 17:38

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This has two benefits. For one, REVOKE CREATE SESSION does not guarantee that the user cannot connect to database (surprise!). Secondly, in many places you can bet that one day audit comes and asks one of their favorite questions "when was this account locked?". With REVOKE you don't have this date at hand, you need to go and search through audit logs, with LOCK the answer sits right there in DBA_USERS.

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