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I have 2 ASP.Net pages, one contains an empty div that will hold the jQuery dialog window and the required code to .load() controls on another page which contains the controls I would like to validate. (They are ASP.Net textboxes contained in regular HTML tables) The below code is used to open the dialog and load the second page containing the controls:

 $(".open-dialog").click(function () {
    $("#hfAddressHash").val($(this).attr('class').split(' ')[1]);
    $.ajaxSetup({ cache: false }) //Stops annoying caching problem.
    $('#dialog').load('jQueryLoad.aspx?Hash='123' + ' #divTest');

An example of the controls displayed on the second page are as follows:

        <th>Source System(s)</th>
        <td width="160"><asp:Label ID="lblSource" runat="server"></asp:Label></td>
        <td><div class="draggable"><asp:Label ID="lblCountry" runat="server"></asp:Label></div></td>
        <td width="20"><asp:ImageButton ID="imgArrow" runat="server" CssClass="copyAddress Country" ImageUrl="/Intranet/_Resources/Icons/arrow.png" /></td>
        <td><asp:TextBox ID="txtCountry" CssClass="droppable" runat="server"></asp:TextBox></td>

I would like to make the above 'txtCountry' control a required field for example using jQuery validation. My validation and dialog functionality code is as follows:


  if ($("#txtCountry").is(":visible")) {

    $("#txtCountry").rules("add", { required: true });

  var dlg = $("#dialog").dialog({

    autoOpen: false,
    modal: true,
    height: 820,
    width: 860,
    buttons: {
      Cancel: function () {
      Submit: function () {
        if (!$('#form1').valid()) { // Validate on Submit
          return false;

        var names = [];
        $('#cblTypes input:checked').each(function () {
          type: "POST",
          url: "AddressView.aspx/postAddress",
          data: '{"OwnerRef":"' + $("#hfClient").val() + '"}',
          async: false,
          contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
          dataType: "json",
          success: function (msg) {
          error: function (msg) {

On the press of the 'Submit' button contained in the jquery dialog, the page does not validate the 'txtCountry' control as intended to. What am I missing here?

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One thing I see right away. In your ajax settings, you have some json in the data part.

data: '{"OwnerRef":"' + $("#hfClient").val() + '"}',

Change it to:

data: { OwnerRef: $("#hfClient").val() },
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