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I have 2 forms.. gridForm has a dataGridView gets its data from database, the second form editFormhas textboxes similar to the gridView Columns.

i want to select a row in the grid then click an edit button and the editForm must shown and the textboxes have the values from grid


private void dataGridView1_CellContentClick_1(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)
        if (e.RowIndex >= 0)
            DataGridViewRow row = dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex];

            // when i put this line only , it works right.
            edditContactForm.edditContactNameSetter = row.Cells["contactNameGridViewColumn"].Value.ToString();

            // this also with the previous is working right too.
            edditContactForm.edditJobTitleSetter = row.Cells["jobTitleGridViewColumn"].Value.ToString();

            // the problem appears here and the exhibition shown to this line and any similar lines under it. 
            edditContactForm.edditCompanyNameSetter = row.Cells["CompanyNameGridViewColumn"].Value.ToString();


    public string edditContactNameSetter 
        set { txtContactName.Text = value; }

    public string edditJobTitleSetter
        set { txtJobTitle.Text = value; }

    public string edditCompanyNameSetter
        set { txtCompanyName.Text = value; }


The exhibition appers when i select any row from the grid enter image description here

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Are you sure you have a column with CompanyNameGridViewColumn ? – Habib Oct 4 '13 at 17:01
It seems that the row.Cells["CompanyNameGridViewColumn"].Value is null. – Hamlet Hakobyan Oct 4 '13 at 17:03
Almost all cases of NullReferenceException are the same. Please see "What is a NullReferenceException in .NET?" for some hints. – John Saunders Oct 4 '13 at 17:03
Try checking to see if it has a value before you convert it to a string with ToString() – Jon La Marr Oct 4 '13 at 17:03
yes, copy and paste – Mahmoud Oct 4 '13 at 17:03
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OK, i found the problem, and since i am a newbie in c#, i think it's a naive mistake for professionals.

the problem was in the SELECT FROM query, i just didn't select the companyName values from database, so the row.Cells["CompanyNameGridViewColumn"].Value gets null.

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