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I am receiving the errors "No matching provisioning profiles found"[for your UDID], "The selected team doesn't have an iOS Developer Program membership" (Yes, it does. It's active.), and "Unable to create provisioning profile because your team has no devices registered in the Member Center. Please connect a device and enable it for development, and add it to the Member Center." (I already have an active provisioning profile in the Member Center.).

When I try to register my Macbook as a development device, I receive the error, "Please enter a valid Hardware UDID". My path is iOS Developer site->Members Center->"Manage your certificates, App IDs, devices, and provisioning profiles."->Devices->Register Manually. I copy and pasted my Macbook's Hardware UDID from About This Mac->More Info->System Report-> Hardware UDID.

Do I have to provide Xcode with an Apple iOS device (Not just an Apple device like my Macbook) in order to publish my completed, simulator tested code? Is there something else I'm supposed to do with this?

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You need to enter UDID of devices on which your application will run(iPhone,iPad),not of your mac .

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No need to copy UDID of your Mac! That's insane.

Instead, you need a real iDevice to publish and release iOS apps. You connect your devices and add them to portal in the XCode Organizer: enter image description here When the device was added - it has a green indicator near it. And yes, you can then submit an iOS app provided the device you connected is OK and the build target is indeed the iDevice.

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You don't need to register a mobile device with a developer program to publish to the app store (although it's a good idea for testing etc.). To submit, you need to select the target "iOS Device" and go to Product->Archive which will give you the option to submit for validation/to App Store.

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