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I want to use coroutines in actionscript to implement a state machine.

I'd like to be able to do something like the following

function stateMachine():void
   var receiveBytes:ByteArray = yield()

stateMachine.send( Socket.read() )

like in this blog entry

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As far as I know, Actionscript doesn't have coroutines, continuations or anything that will give you the relevant behavior (call a function without pushing a stack frame). You can fake it using static variables and a switch, but that defeats the purpose of using coroutines for state machines. Also, without tail calls (still only a proposal for ECMASCRIPT, as far as I know), faked coroutines won't use constant stack space as real coroutines do.

Regarding your sample code, coroutines generally need to loop to be useful.

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Well, how about this?

function stateMachine(socket:Socket, target:YourReceiverClass):void
   var receiveByte:int = socket.readByte();

stateMachine( mySocket )
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