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With Notepad++, is it possible to create a "single" Macro that will change every 2 lines in a document? for example if I have the following text in a document...

Animal Care Technologies
    1112    Teachers’ World
Animal Health International

I would like to have this turned into...

<h4>Animal Care Technologies</h4>
    1112    Teachers’ World<br><br>
<h4>Animal Health International<h4>

Is it possible to do this this for every 2 lines within "one" Macro? So far I am able to make the process work, but it requires me to use 2 for the <h4> process, and a second marco to place the <br><br>.

Thanks for any advice on this!

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If your document has the format you are talking about then do the following:

  1. Click at any character on the first line
  2. Click the red "recording" button
  3. Press the "HOME" button on your keyboard
  4. Type <h4>
  5. Press the "END" button on your keyboard
  6. Type </h4>
  7. Press the "DOWN ARROW" button on your keyboard
  8. Press the "END" button on your keyboard
  9. Type <br><br>
  10. Click the "Stop recording" button
  11. Delete everything that you typed (the h4 and the br tags)
  12. Click on the first line
  13. Click the "Play" button and select "Until the end of the file"

You're done!

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John I would give you a grammy if you I could! Thanks a lot! – blackhawk Oct 4 '13 at 20:09
With the same pattern you can create any macro you like, it's very useful when you need something to be repeated all over the document – John Doe Oct 6 '13 at 8:43

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