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I have a soap service that I want to turn around and post a message to an external server.

I was able to do this via curl like so:

curl  --data-urlencode "filename=data.txt" --data-urlencode "filedir=/home/myfile/in" 
      --data-urlencode "busproc=MyBP" --data-urlencode "serverip=" 
      --data-urlencode"uid=myuserid" --data-urlencode "pwd=mypwd"

But I can't quite get it working correctly. Here's my proxy service:

<proxy xmlns="http://ws.apache.org/ns/synapse"
         <property name="messageType"
         <property name="HTTP_METHOD" value="post" scope="axis2" type="STRING"/>
               <address uri="http://somelocation.com:8833/webservice/inbound/here"
               <property name="uid" value="user"/>
               <property name="pwd" value="password"/>
               <property name="filedir" value="/home/myfile/in"/>
               <property name="busproc" value="myBP"/>
               <property name="serverip" value=""/>
               <property name="filename" value="data.txt"/>
         <log level="full"/>

The end service seems to only see me posting to the URL (but not the passed in data properties).

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If your sending the SOAP payload in a file you would need to use the VFS transport. Please refer to the following sample on how to use the VFS transport to solve your issue


Alternatively you can use SOAPUI or any SOAP client to send the payload directly to the ESB proxy endpoint

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why would I use VFS to post to a website? While the above has file information in it, that's not the goal. The goal is to do a HTTP post with form data. –  user2836244 Oct 7 '13 at 13:13

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