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I'm looking for the common solution to deal with the real-time client for server with REST API. Is it any particular way to do it except of regular, sequential server polling/quering? Any interesting articuel about it?

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Polling is common but if you can avoid it great. Two other options are WebSockets and signalIR. WebSockets is great if it's available to you. See this post:stackoverflow.com/questions/16054074/… – ramsey_tm Oct 4 '13 at 21:57

There are web sockets, which are broadly supported by modern web browsers and servers.

Libraries exist in for various frameworks, for example

Nodejs: http://socket.io/

ASP.NET world: http://signalr.net/

PHP: http://socketo.me/

These have web socket support and even a fallback using polling when web socket are not supported in browser/server.

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Thx, but it must be pure REST. No web sockets. When IP change (what happend quite offen in case of mobiles) Web socket communication will hang. I already have this REST API and Im thinki how to make a real time client – speedingeer Oct 4 '13 at 22:04
In signalR, you can turn off the use of web sockets entirely, for example: connection.start({ transport: 'longPolling' }); I believe there are similar options for the other libraries – Lars Anundskås Oct 5 '13 at 9:37
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I've been reading about long-pooling and python tornado serever. It fits the best to my needs. http://www.tornadoweb.org/en/stable/

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