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In my database I have in one column two options:

  1. /uploads/1369839038.zip
  2. NULL

Right now I have the "email" column formatted so it shows as a link,

formatter:function(cellvalue, options, rowObject){
                return '<a href="' + cellvalue + '"target="_blank">FILES </a> '
            } }

But I want to make a formatter that displays blank if it has "NULL" like this JQGRID show blank instead of Null or displays as the link like I already have. I want to combine both in one formatter for this "attachments" column so it display according to the data, either the link or blank. Please some help greatly appreciated.

My JQgrid

        editurl: "jqGridCrud.php",
        datatype: 'xml',
        mtype: 'GET',
        height: 'AUTO',
    width: 850,
    hidegrid: false,

    colNames:['id','Project', 'Assigned To','Assign Date','Check Date','Due Date','Attachments','Notes',""],
    colModel :[ 
      {name:'id', index:'id', width:28, align: 'center'}, 
      {name:'name', index:'name', width:170, align:'left',editable:true, editoptions:{
            size:60} }, 
      {name:'id_continent', index:'id_continent', width:50, align:'right',editable:true,edittype:'select', 
      editoptions:{value: "Henry:Henry; Ramon:Ramon; Paul:Paul" },mtype:'POST'  }, 

      {name:'lastvisit', index:'lastvisit', width:55, align:'right',formatter: 'date',srcformat:'yyyy-mm-dd',newformat: 'm/d/yy',editable:true, edittype: 'text',mtype:'POST' ,       editoptions:{size:10, dataInit:function(elem){$(elem).datepicker({dateFormat:'m/d/yy'});}}} ,

      {name:'cdate', index:'cdate', width:55, align:'right',formatter: 'date',srcformat:'yyyy-mm-dd',newformat: 'm/d/yy', edittype: 'text',editable:true ,mtype:'POST' ,editoptions:{size:10, dataInit:function(elem){$(elem).datepicker({dateFormat:'m/d/yy'});}}} ,

      {name:'ddate', index:'ddate', width:55, align:'right',formatter: 'date',srcformat:'yyyy-mm-dd',newformat: 'm/d/yy',date:'true',editable:true, edittype: 'text',editoptions:{size:10, dataInit:function(elem){$(elem).datepicker({dateFormat:'m/d/yy'});}}} ,

      {name:'files', index:'files', width:50,align:'center',sortable:false,mtype:'POST',formatter:function(cellvalue, options, rowObject){
            return '<a href="' + cellvalue + '"target="_blank">FILES </a> '
        } },

        {name:'notes', index:'notes', width:100, align:'left',sortable:false, editable:true,edittype:'textarea', editoptions:{
            rows:5,cols:60,maxlength:200} },    

        {name:'act', index:'act',width:30 ,align:'left', sortable:false,formatter: "actions",cellattr: function () { return ' title="Delete Project"'; },
formatoptions: {
    keys: true,
     deltitle: 'delete',
    delbutton: true,
    delOptions: {
        url: 'delete-perm.php',
        afterShowForm: function ($form) {
    $("#dData", $form.parent()).click();
        msg: "Remove Selected Project?",
        bSubmit: "Remove",
        bCancel: "Cancel"
    pager: '#pager',

    sortname: 'ddate',
    sortorder: 'asc',
    viewrecords: true,
    gridview: true,
    caption: 'Current Assignments',

    ondblClickRow: function(rowid) {

    $(this).jqGrid('editGridRow', rowid,
                         closeOnEscape:true,reloadAfterSubmit:true, modal:true,mtype:'post',top:350,left: 30});}


 jQuery.extend(jQuery.jgrid.nav, {
        deltitle: '',
        delcaption: 'Project Complete'

    },{delicon: "ui-icon-circle-check",deltext: "Project Complete"});   

    $("#list").jqGrid("navGrid", "#pager", { add: false, search: false, refresh:false,edit:false }).navButtonAdd('#pager',{

                                caption:"Export to Excel", 
                                onClickButton: function () {
        jQuery("#list").jqGrid('excelExport', { url: 'ExportExcel.php' });
    // setup grid print capability. Add print button to navigation bar and bind to click.
    setPrintGrid('list','pager','Current Assignments');

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Please any help is appreciated. –  NewHistoricForm Oct 6 '13 at 15:46

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I am not sure that I understand your problem correctly, but why not try to use the following custom formatter:

function (cellvalue, options, rowObject) {
    if (cellvalue === undefined || cellvalue === null || cellvalue === 'NULL') {
        return '&nbsp;'; // or just ""
    return '<a href="' + cellvalue + '"target="_blank">FILES </a>';
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Thanks so much. This worked perfectly. –  NewHistoricForm Oct 6 '13 at 16:42
@NewHistoricForm: You are welcome! –  Oleg Oct 6 '13 at 16:48

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