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I'm not sure if the title I'm using is correct but let me explain what is happening. I have a table with exchange rates that are updated daily. Here's the table:

DateCreated |  Bank  |  Buy
2013-10-09  |  tc    |  2.40
2013-10-09  |  bank1 |  2.45
2013-10-09  |  bank2 |  2.46
2013-10-09  |  bank3 |  2.45

So what i need is a comparison by average compared to the "tc" bank so like this:

Date        | tc    |  banks
2013-10-09  | 2.40  |  2.453   <- this is the average of all three banks for that date

hope this makes sense, here's what I've tried:

SELECT e.datecreated, e.buy, (SELECT AVG(buy) FROM exchange WHERE idbank <>  'tc'
AND datecreated = e.datecreated) AS banks
FROM exchange e
WHERE idbank =  'tc'
ORDER BY e.datecreated ASC

but this is dumping duplicates and it seems like wrong data..help?

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what is 'idbanco' and 'idbank'? –  Mandar Oct 4 '13 at 23:45
sorry i was translating my code –  Andres Oct 4 '13 at 23:47

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Here's one way to get the specified result:

SELECT e.datecreated
     , MAX(IF(e.idbank='tc',e.buy,NULL)) AS tc
     , AVG(IF(e.idbank='tc',NULL,e.buy)) AS banks
  FROM exchange e
 GROUP BY e.datecreated

There are lots of other queries that will return an equivalent result.

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