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I am working on a legacy web app that uses the Subsonic scaffold control for CRUD functionality for lookup tables. I want to give the users the ability to do everything but delete. I was not successful in my research on trying to find a simple solution like a flag or something to disable/remove this button. Is something like this available?

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Can't really see a way without changing and compiling the source from github... Best I can see is a very hacky solution where if you set a value for the readonly columns it will prevent deletion (and unfortunately also prevent creation), but will allow editing. e.g.

ctrlScaffold.ReadOnlyColumns = "fdsa";
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I appreciate the response. Unfortunately since I need to still be able to create a new record that will not work. I think I will try removing/disabling the button somehow after the form is generated. – user2848442 Oct 7 '13 at 20:27

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