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I have a DLL which is dynamically loaded by an executable at run time based on user input. I have a few parameters in the EXE stored a strings that I would like to pass into the DLL, however, I would prefer not to pass them as parameters of a function within the DLL. Instead I am trying to make a "Get" function on the EXE that is calling the DLL and be able to call this function from the DLL.

I can use MExec_Executive_Handle=GetModuleHandle("MExec.exe"); and get a handle to the executable that is running. However when I try to get one of the functions I need using:

MExec_GetSystemConfigFileName=(MExec_GetSystemConfigFileNameParameters)GetProcAddress(MExec_Executive_Handle, "MExec_GetSystemConfigFileName");

I always get a null pointer.

On my DLL .h file I have defined the interfaces for the functions I am trying to import from the calling EXE:

typedef int (*MExec_GetSystemConfigFileNameParameters)(char*);
typedef int (*MExec_GetTestProgramActiveConfigFileNameParameters)(char*); 
typedef int (*MExec_ReadSystemConfigParameters)(void);
HMODULE MExec_Executive_Handle;
MExec_GetSystemConfigFileNameParameters MExec_GetSystemConfigFileName;
MExec_GetTestProgramActiveConfigFileNameParameters MExec_GetTestProgramActiveConfigFileName;
MExec_ReadSystemConfigParameters MExec_ReadSystemConfig;

I can successfully import functions from other "siblings" DLL that my EXE is calling but not from the EXE itself.

I just want to know if importing functions from the calling EXE is just not possible.

Thanks, B

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