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I am looking for an XPath expression that selects the hims that have parent, gramps's with name's that have the same root name with the hims having a Jr suffix and there is a store name that looks like it is named after a gramps. In the example below that would only be Bill.


<gramps name="Bill">
   <him name="Bill Jr">
      <kid name="Bill III"></kid>
<gramps name="Tom">
   <him name="Al">
      <kid name="Al Jr"></kid>
<gramps name="Bob">
   <him name="Bob Jr">
      <kid name="Sam"></kid>

<store name="Bill's" />
<store name="Tom's" />
<store name="Pete's" />

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I think this will select what you need...

/*/gramps[../store/@name=concat(@name,"'s")]/him[@name=concat(../@name,' Jr')]

This will select Bill Jr because you said you wanted to select the him.

If you want to select the gramps (Bill), just put him in a predicate...

/*/gramps[../store/@name=concat(@name,"'s")][him[@name=concat(../@name,' Jr')]]
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