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Has somebody already tried and implemented the functionality of simultaneous record and play (the recorded audio file) of audio using NAudio and axWindowsMediaPlayer1 on windows forms. I have tried it but to no avail, even with considerable time delay (between creation and playing of the audio file)

My requirement is to show visualization on WMP audio from microphone input. I choose WMP because there is an existing active x control that can be embedded into windows forms. The issue is that, WMP does not accept audio input from microphone to play visualization. Although it will display the vis if it is playing an audio file. hence the idea as above.

I also tried using the active x control of vlc, but it does not display vis, although it accepts audio from microphone input. Instead it displays the image captured on video, even if I configured to have no video (":dshow-vdev=none :dshow-adev=Microphone (High Definition Audio)";). If I remove my webcam, the display is blank.

With regards to winamp and g-force, there is no active x controls that can be used for windows forms. Although, I tried using them as a separate standalone application (using the Process process = new Process(); method). Its difficult to control the stand alone applications.

If anybody could point me to the right direction, I would be very much grateful.

Thank you for taking your time.

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