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Hey, So I am generating XML data in my RoR application for an external source to consume. The method in my controller is as follows...

def allOffers
 @ridesall = Ride.find(:all)
respond_to do |format|

I have a allOffers.xml.builder file that looks like this...

xml.rides do
@ridesall.each do |ride|
  xml.item("togive" => ride.togive, "totake" => ride.totake, "howlong" => ride.howlong, "isoffer" => ride.isoffer, "id" =>, "contact" =>

This works great except for one orders the xml based on ID. How can i get the xml to be order randomly?

Can I simply change

@ridesall = Ride.find(:all)


@ridesall = Ride.find(:all, :order => :random)



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What database are you using? You'll probably need to rely on an RDBMS-specific random function. For example in mysql

:order => 'rand()'

or in postgresql

:order => 'random()'
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You can shuffle the array itself. This will work for any kind of database.

@ridesall.shuffle.each do

Note: Array#shuffle is new to 1.8.7, so require 'backports' if using Ruby 1.8.6.

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@ridesall.sort_by { |x| rand() } works too

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