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I want to create an instance of a model, but i have the fields in a dictionary, when the keys are field name and the values are field value.

I found a link that helped me for filtering, but I want to know how can i do to e instance. When i tried it for create, it showed me the following error:

create takes exactly 1 argument(2 given)

q = Q()
for k,v in dict.iteritems():
    q &= Q(**{'%s' % k: v})

if not model_class.objects.filter(q).exists():
    a = model_class.objects.create(q)

Any helps will be appreciated.

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Use dict with argument unpacking syntax:

if not model_class.objects.filter(**dict).exists():
    a = model_class.objects.create(**dict)


a, created = model_class.objects.get_or_create(**dict)

BTW, don't use dict as variable name. It shadows builtin function dict.

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Thanks a lot dear falsetru, it worked :) –  user1597122 Oct 5 '13 at 6:16

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