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I'm having troubles reading a Json result back from a controller method...

I have this method in my controller:

    public JsonResult GetCurrent()
        IList<string> profile = new List<string>();

        return this.Json(profile);

And it is being called by this jquery ajax post:

$.post("/Profile/GetCurrent", function(profile) { profileCompleteOpen(profile); }, "json");

and the javascript function called on the post's callback:

function profileCompleteOpen(profile) {

The result of the first alert shows the array like this:


But the result of the second alert shows this:


rather than


What am I doing wrong here... I've compared it to one of the other times I'm doing this and it seems to be the exact same. Why isn't it recognizing it's an array?


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Try converting the json data in profile to a proper object by using eval() on it.


var profileObject = eval('(' + profile + ')');
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Worked perfectly, thanks! –  Matt Dec 18 '09 at 0:37

Hmmm, I'd be doing what you're trying to do a little differently.

I'd either return a fully qualified object and then use it's properties;

class MyObj
  public string name{get;set;}

fill the object and return it as a json object. then you're jquery code can access like any other object.

The other way might be to do a return PartialView("MyView", model);

That will return the partial view as html back to your page which you can then append to your html.

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I think the type of profile is string instead of array. Why? Check the $.post method parameters. Maybe the problem is there.

$.post("url", null, function(profile) { ... }, "json");
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