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I want to fill the varbinary(MAX) column of a SQL Server database table when ever a new record is created with a default picture. How do I do this using a trigger or in that case by any other means?

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank You

This is the T-SQL code I have tried:

ALTER TRIGGER [dbo].[Trg_DoctorDemographic_DefaultImage]
ON [ECGManagementSystem].[dbo].[DoctorDemographic]
  INSERT INTO[ECGManagementSystem].[dbo].[DoctorDemographic]
    SELECT  * FROM OPENROWSET(Bulk N'D:\Programs\MSVC\Exercises\BEMS\BEMS\res\Doctor.bmp',SINGLE_BLOB)AS BLOB
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No, don't do it this way.

If you have 1,000 rows with this default you will have 1,000 copies of this image? The size of your database will grow quickly. If you want to change the default you have to update 1,000 images. Not good.

Store 1 copy in 1 place - maybe a table called DefaultDPhoto. Keep the image column null in your DoctorDemographic table when it is the default, then when you go to retrieve the image have the logic that if this column is null, go pull the single copy.


Ok, first I would make a stored proc like:

create proc getDPhoto(@ID int)
set nocount on

if exists (select 1 from DoctorDemographic where id = @ID and DPhoto is not null)
     select DPhoto from DoctorDemographic where id = @ID
    select DPhoto from DefaultDPhoto 


Then from this example here as a starting point I would change step 1 under "Retrieving Image" to the following:

SqlCommand cmdSelect = new SqlCommand("getDPhoto");

cmdSelect.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
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Thank you very much Mr.JBrooks. But as I have already mentioned that I am new to SQL server, it will be a great help if you could explain using some code.Never mind if you are running short of time. Thanks once again –  Feroz Khan Dec 17 '09 at 6:35
Hint: you can use CASE / WHEN in your SELECT query to return the default image when the source column is NULL. –  RickNZ Dec 17 '09 at 6:59
Thanks Mr.Brooks....thanks for your valuable time.I will try your suggestion as soon as possible and let you know the result . I appreciate you kind help. Thanks once again –  Feroz Khan Dec 17 '09 at 7:28

I would be inclined to use a separate table to store the picture, and wrap this in a scalar UDF, which is defined as the default constraint.

If only to avoid unnecessary OPENROWSET calls in triggers...

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Thanks for the suggestion Mr.GBN –  Feroz Khan Dec 17 '09 at 6:37

Could use something like this?

SELECT [DColumnName1]
     , [DColumnName2]
     , CASE WHEN [DPhoto] IS NULL THEN (SELECT  * FROM OPENROWSET(Bulk N'D:\Programs\MSVC\Exercises\BEMS\BEMS\res\Doctor.bmp',SINGLE_BLOB)AS BLOB) ELSE [DPhoto] END [DPhoto]
  FROM [ECGManagementSystem].[dbo].[DoctorDemographic]
 WHERE Something = 'Matching';

Edit: Well if you really want copies of the image in the table to fix [OMG Ponies] insert below try this then.

SET @Image = (SELECT BulkColumn FROM OPENROWSET(Bulk N'D:\Programs\MSVC\Exercises\BEMS\BEMS\res\Doctor.bmp',SINGLE_BLOB)AS BLOB);

Instead of:

SELECT @image = column FROM OPENROWSET(Bulk N'D:\Programs\MSVC\Exercises\BEMS\BEMS\res\Doctor.bmp', SINGLE_BLOB) AS BLOB

Doing this makes it harder to change the default picture later on though but it's your DB :)

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Thanks Mr.Don......But my idea is to auto fill this column when I enter a record manually or using any INSERT or UPDATE statement .I will be more than glad if you could post a code snippet keeping the above mentioned requirement in mind.Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks once again –  Feroz Khan Dec 17 '09 at 10:33
I am greatful to you for your help Mr.Don.Thank you once again. –  Feroz Khan Dec 18 '09 at 4:12

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