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I want to be able to start an ipython session with it importing some modules. On Windows this would be simple - I had a global installation of ipython and I used .pythonrc I think it was.

However, in Ubuntu 13 I have ipython installed in a virtualenv (but not installed globally).

In my .bashrc is:

alias ipy="python -c 'import IPython; IPython.terminal.ipapp.launch_new_instance()'"

I am wondering if it's possible to run similar startup commands in ipython. Or if that's not possible with my current setup - then what is the best way to achieve what I want in Ubuntu.

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Hopefully some combination of PYTHONSTARTUP or IPYTHONDIR environment variables in your .bashrc can accomplish what you want.

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Thanks. I got it to work using IPYTHONDIR="~" and creating an ipython profile at ~/home/nebffa/profile_default/ipython_config.py –  nebffa Oct 5 '13 at 11:39

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