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I am trying to parse a very naive indentation-sensitive language with only two constructs (hello the statement, and fun a block definition).


In order to do that, I have composed the following grammar with Irony:

public class NaiveIndent : Grammar
    public NaiveIndent()
        : base(true) // CaseSensitive
        var myexp = ToTerm("hello");
        var fun = ToTerm("fun");

        var statementList = new NonTerminal("statementList");
        var statement = new NonTerminal("statement");
        var block = new NonTerminal("block");

        statementList.Rule = MakePlusRule(statementList, NewLineStar, statement);
        statement.Rule = (myexp | block) + NewLine;
        block.Rule = fun + NewLine + Indent + statementList + Dedent;

        Root = statementList;
        LanguageFlags = LanguageFlags.NewLineBeforeEOF;

Yet parsing the sample fails with the error (4,3) Syntax error, expected: INDENT

Could anyone pinpoint what I am doing wrong?

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