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I have a situation here that I cannot seem to work out.

For various issues and compatibility problems outside of my control I've had to add a couple of files from within my ASP.NET packages directory. Horrid I know but there is no other work around currently.

On my SVN root I currently have setup an ignore rule as:

svn:ignore packages

However the entire contents of the packages directory is still shown in the SVN add dialog.

I've also tried:

packages .
*.packages .

None of the configurations I've tried have worked. I'm now suspecting that SVN is ignoring the ignore property because there is a version controlled child object in the packages directory.

Is this expected behaviour and is there a way to ignore the non-version stuff?

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Because you have some child entries of the packages directory in source control then, by definition, you also have the packages directory itself already in source control. svn:ignore works only on the svn add operation, i.e. during the process of adding items not under source control. Thus, svn:ignore can have no effect on the already-versioned packages directory.

So the limitation (if you want to call it that) of svn:ignore is what is causing you an issue. Your solution, ironically enough, is to turn that same limitation into a benefit, to wit: Add an svn:ignore property on the packages directory itself (not the parent as you have been trying to do) with the value of just an asterisk (*). That will then ignore any children of packages except for those already versioned which you want to have there.

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