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I'm using miktex 2.8 on Windows. For some reason, the \marginpar command has stopped working. It used to work as expected, but not the lines will not wrap. I have set marginparwidth to 1in and still the lines will not wrap, they just go right off the page (or right into the text for margin pars on the odd pages). If I change marginparwidth to something smaller, I see the text move, so I think the value is being recognized, but I can't figure out what changed so that the text is not wrapping.

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can you post a minimal example please? – Alok Singhal Dec 17 '09 at 6:08

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So the problem was \usepackage{pdfsync}. Evidently this is the old way to do PDF synchronization. The new way is to add "-synctex=-1" to the command for pdfTex. Using the synctex switch for pdflatex does not screw with the marginpar command, but using the pdfsync package does. Weird.

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