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I have created AutoCompleteBox in my Windows Phone App but i cant get it running in ListBox but it perfectly runs in StackPanel... is AutoCompleteBox only works in StackPanel?

My XAML Code:

        <toolkit:AutoCompleteBox x:Name="ACBox" FilterMode="StartsWith" ValueMemberBinding="{Binding AccountName}" Width="456">
                    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                        <TextBlock Text="{Binding AccountName}"/>

My CS Code:

        using (DataContext DB = new DataContext(ConnectionString))
            var xCaAC1 = (from xCbAC1 in DB.GetTable<AccountsTable>() select xCbAC1.AccountName).OrderBy(i => i);

            List<AccountsTable> DataSourceAC1 = new List<AccountsTable>();

            foreach (var xCxAC1 in xCaAC1)
                DataSourceAC1.Add(new AccountsTable() { AccountName = xCxAC1 });

            this.ACBox.ItemsSource = DataSourceAC1;

    bool SearchPhones(string search, object value)
        if (value != null)
            AccountsTable xCryptoDataSourceAC1Value = value as AccountsTable;
            string accountName = xCryptoDataSourceAC1Value.AccountName;

            if (accountName.ToLower().StartsWith(search.ToLower()))
                return true;
        return false;

THIS CODE PERFECTLY WORKS IF I PUT toolkit:AutoCompleteBox in StackPanel but its not working in ListBox & I need it to work in ListBox


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