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I am looking for Payment Gateway Service providers. I searched Google and found Authorize.Net, QuickBooks, PayPal PayFlow Pro and others.

I want to know which one is affordable and reliable. It must accept all major credit/debit cards. There must be low or no setup fee.

Authorize.Net prices are low but I have no idea about the service. Please let me know views for the same.


How is Google Checkout?

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If you plan to have international customers, you should make sure your gateway allows you to disable address verification and allows you to approve/deny individual transactions. PayPal lied about international transactions. It took us countless hours complaining on the phone and many long e-mails over the course of 8 months before we could actually accept transactions from foreign-issued cards via PayPal Pro. Not to mention, PayPal ran several AUTH's which maxed out our customers' cards, while still failing to process the transactions. The AUTH's didn't expire until more than a week later. –  rob Dec 16 '09 at 18:31
...(continued)...not only did PayPal make us look bad by failing to process the transactions, but they also highly inconvenienced our customers by rendering their credit cards useless. We had to deliver our product without payment in order to save face, and our customers graciously went through third-party resellers to pay us via bank wire instead. Even PayPal's higher-tier support reps cannot allow a failed transaction through the system, and every time you call them, you'll sit on hold for at least 45 minutes and will get transferred 2 or 3 times. –  rob Dec 16 '09 at 18:42
hi @RKh I have been trying to get some website, those help me with payment gateway. I am developing a mobile application. I need to support Indian market. It means t should handle debit,credit etc modes of payment. Do you know any such sites that provide free service for the same. Thanks –  KMI Apr 18 '13 at 6:29

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I and a friend have been pleased with MerchantPlus, a merchant account provider and Authorize.net reseller. I believe Authorize.net is the de facto standard. I've had to use their customer service only a little bit, but was pleased with that interaction.

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I'm a programmer and we have used authorize.net for the past about five years. For me authorize.net's service has always been top tier. I can send an email inquiry and I almost always get a response the same day. Sometimes a particular person will get what I need wrong the first time and I end up sending a follow-up email, but their second try is usually right, and it is usually still resolved in the same day. Had Paymentech before and while they were okay, authorize.net is much better.

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I've used PayPal PayFlow Pro. Not sure how much it costs, but it seems reliable. Only annoyance right now (well, besides it being part of PayPal now, which I'm not a fan of) is that the SDK we used is being deprecated and doing the upgrade to the new one has proven to be a much larger pain than expected on the .Net side. The Java SDK update went swimmingly.

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I use that too. The plus is, you get to use your existing merchant provider. The negative is, like you said, the SDK, and, to some extent, the support. Payflow Pro used to be owned by Verisign, and Paypal seems to be more interested in driving business to IT'S merchant services accounts, than keeping the existing setup. –  Satanicpuppy Dec 16 '09 at 15:39
It is expensive. –  RKh Dec 16 '09 at 16:50

It all depends on your volume. Sounds like yours is low. Most major providers have some bottom tier service (e.g. Payflow Link, from Paypal) which is on the cheap side, but with that service you have to pay for a "Merchant Account" with some financial institution. Or you can go with some middle-man service that deals with the banks for you, in exchange for letting them skim a little off the top.

Regardless you're going to have to deal with credit checks, etc. Not much fun at all, especially for internet stuff. Since the transactions all fall into the "No Card Present" category (the worst for fraud) your charges are going to be higher.

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