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I'm generating a Sprox form with Turbogears 2.1 and trying to display it in a Mako template. Here is my code:

To define the form:

class NewUserForm(AddRecordForm):  
    __model__ = User  
newuserform = NewUserForm(DBSession)  

The controller definition that assigns the form and calls the template:

def register(self, **kw):  
    tmpl_context.register_form = newuserform  
    return dict(value=kw)  

And the relevant template code:


The problem is the HTML code is displayed as plain text on the page, not rendered HTML.

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Figured it out. I have to pass the variable through the the 'n' mako filter to remove any automatic filters mako applies to the html generated. So:

${tmpl_context.register_form(value=value) | n}

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