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ISO 8601 defines an ISO week date format. It can be used to represent a date like so:

  • 2013-10-05 equals 2013-W40-6, which is a date in ISO week 2013-W40
  • 2008-12-29 equals 2009-W01-1, which is a date in ISO week 2009-W01.

How can I convert back and forth between ISO week dates and Joda Time types such as ReadableDateTime?

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Use Joda Time's provided ISODateTimeFormat.
It has the following methods:

  • ISODateTimeFormat.weekyearWeekDay() and ISODateTimeFormat.weekDate() (for formats such as 2009-W01-1)
  • ISODateTimeFormat.weekyearWeek() (for formats such as 2009-W01)
  • ISODateTimeFormat.basicWeekDate() (for compact formats such as 2009W011)

They can be used like this:

ReadableDateTime endOfYearDateTime = DateTime.parse("2008-12-29T13:06Z");
logger.info("endOfYearDateTime        : {}", endOfYearDateTime);

String endOfYearISOWeekDateString = ISODateTimeFormat.weekyearWeekDay().print(endOfYearDateTime);
logger.info("isoCalendarWeekDateString: {}", endOfYearISOWeekDateString);

ReadableDateTime reverseEndOfYearDateTime = ISODateTimeFormat.weekyearWeekDay().parseDateTime(endOfYearISOWeekDateString);
logger.info("reverseEndOfYearDateTime : {}", reverseEndOfYearDateTime);

The above code will log the following data:

endOfYearDateTime        : 2008-12-29T13:06:00.000Z
isoCalendarWeekDateString: 2009-W01-1
reverseEndOfYearDateTime : 2008-12-29T00:00:00.000+01:00
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