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My SVN won't commit:

mac:MiTokeniPhone anemployee$ svn commit .
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: '/Users/anemployee/Desktop/MiTokeniPhone/main_bg.png' is scheduled for addition, but is missing

I used:

svn revert -R .

Would there have been a way to avoid having to revert?

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You didn't do a recursive revert or a revert on the file that is missing. You might consider doing a

svn revert /Users/anemployee/Desktop/MiTokeniPhone/main_bg.png

EDIT: Since the question was edited and the OP found the recursive revert:

You could just create the file ... or don't add it in the first place. Other than that it's simply something for SVN that it was told to do ("Add that file to version control and check it in") which seems impossible ("Which file? I know it was here yesterday ... aaaahh!"). Kinda like that.

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main_bg.png is deleted before it's committed to svn server. You can delete it from local copy using svn rm main_bg.png if you don't want to add it to server. After that, you can commit your local changes. Or you need to create main_bg.png file again.

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You should reference the missing file explicitly:

svn revert main_bg.png


svn delete main_bg.png

Then do the commit again.

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svn revert -R Desktop/MiTokeniPhone/ 

to revert the folder or

svn revert main_bg.png 

to revert the file

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