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I'm converting an unknown number of vector shapes into coordinates. The coordinates of each shape are put inside it's own javascript array.

For example, the javascript might look like this:

var la0001 = [33,108,66,141,99,174,99,207,132,207,165,207,165,240];

var la0002 = [132,306,165,306,165,339,165,372,132,405,99,405,99,438,132,438,165,438];

var la0003 = [198,339,231,339,264,372,297,372,330,405,363,438,396,438];

var la0004 = [198,174,198,273,231,306,264,306];

var la0005 = [231,174,231,240,264,273,297,273];

var la0006 = [396,306,462,306,495,339,495,372,528,405,528,438,561,438,594,471];

var la0007 = [660,504,561,504,495,504];

I would like to find out how many arrays I have, in order to write a loop that goes trough each of them.

So I have two simple questions:

  1. How can I find out how many arrays I have in total

  2. Would it be best to wrap my arrays inside a parent element in order to make this task easier? Should I wrap my arrays inside a function or is it possible to wrap them inside a variable? Or should I put my arrays inside a parent array?

As you can see, I'm still very new to javascript! All my internet searches resulted in information on how to find the length of a single array. But how to find out the number of arrays? Any help will be appreciated!

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`2. Yes, keeping all your arrays inside a parent array, i.e.

var la = [ [...], [...], [...], ...]

would give you the number of arrays you have by simply running la.length.

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Wow that was super fast! Thank you! – Sony packman Oct 5 '13 at 14:01

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