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I am using logger package github.com/jcelliott/lumber for logging in go, and I declare and use it like this:

func main() {
log := lumber.NewConsoleLogger(lumber.DEBUG)
log.Error("File error: %v\n", e)

How can I log from functions outside of main? Obviously here log is declared within main and that limits its scope, but I haven't found a way to have global variables in GO, is there a better way than re-declaring the logger in each function?

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Declare your global variable like this :

var log lumber.Logger

func anyFunc() {
  log.Error("File error: %v\n", e)

func main() {
  log = lumber.NewConsoleLogger(lumber.DEBUG)
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Thanks! I should have looked for package variables instead of global variables ;-) –  caiman Oct 5 '13 at 15:35

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