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i dont know whether i am asking the right question,but i am willing to test,how the query paramenter binding get works.I tested

string sql = select data from table where data_id =:dataId;
Session session = sessionFactory.createSQLQuery(sql);

The result looks

select data from table where date_id=23456;

got result.

but when i try to use it in select or order by,it's not working

    string sql = select :data from table order by :dateId
Session session = sessionFactory.createSQLQuery(sql);

lets consider


its shows

repitation of column name up to the end of row in table


row 1) date_id data
row 2) date_id data

expected output

row 1) 234,ert
row 2) 456,jhk

can any one explain how its work.


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Your second example won't compile since the string sql is defined after use, I'll just assume that's a copy and paste error.

Sql parameters do not quite work that way. The sql the second example is producing is probably something along the lines of

select 'date_Id','data' from table order by 'date_Id'

Which, if there are two rows in table, will get the output you are seeing. What you need to do is put your own sql string together:

string sql="select " + data + " from table order by " + dateId;

A word of warning: You need to be exceedingly careful when you do something like this. Perhaps have a white list of allowable column names that you check against, and filter out any strings that are not on the white list.

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Hi @Matt ,thanks for the replay,i edited the question,to align the sql declaration before it create a session,i solved this using string concatination,but i need to know why its not work for select or order by,please give a explanation or link to refer.. –  kumar Oct 5 '13 at 15:26

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