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Hi i have sample code for using jyz3d in android , using IDE eclipse.

import org.jzy3d.chart.Chart;
import org.jzy3d.colors.Color;
import org.jzy3d.colors.ColorMapper;
import org.jzy3d.colors.colormaps.ColorMapRainbow;
import org.jzy3d.maths.Range;
import org.jzy3d.plot3d.builder.Builder;
import org.jzy3d.plot3d.builder.Mapper;
import org.jzy3d.plot3d.builder.concrete.OrthonormalGrid;
import org.jzy3d.plot3d.primitives.Shape;
import javax.swing.JFrame;

public class test {

public static void main(String[] args) {

    JFrame frame = new JFrame();
    Chart chart = getChart();

    frame.add((javax.swing.JComponent) chart.getCanvas());

    frame.setSize(800, 800);

public static Chart getChart() {
    // Define a function to plot
    Mapper mapper = new Mapper() {
        public double f(double x, double y) {
            return 10 * Math.sin(x / 10) * Math.cos(y / 20) * x;

    // Define range and precision for the function to plot
    Range range = new Range(-150, 150);
    int steps = 50;

    // Create the object to represent the function over the given range.
    org.jzy3d.plot3d.primitives.Shape surface = (Shape) Builder.buildOrthonormal(new OrthonormalGrid(range, steps, range, steps), mapper);
    surface.setColorMapper(new ColorMapper(new ColorMapRainbow(), surface.getBounds().getZmin(), surface.getBounds().getZmax(), new Color(1, 1, 1, .5f)));
    //surface.setFace(new ColorbarFace(surface));
    //surface.setFace2dDisplayed(true); // opens a colorbar on the right part of the    

    // Create a chart
    Chart chart = new Chart();
    return chart;

problem is a error about import javax.swing.JFrame; "The import javax.swing cannot be resolved" i can't understand whats reson of this error. thanks for any help.

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problem is a error about import javax.swing.JFrame;

This problem is due Jdk configuration with Eclipse.

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and do you know how can i fix that? –  max Oct 5 '13 at 15:56

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