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I asked this question a while back and basically the project almost consists of reproducing excel in the browser. We want people to input data in an excel-like way. The question i have is, what is the best control to use? Should i use a regular table, and then append columns to it, or should i use a datagrid and flip it XtoY? What approach would you take?

Thanks for any help.

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Could you explain a bit more about what technology your using? What do you mean by 'control'? –  roryf Oct 10 '08 at 15:59
Sounds like ASP.Net to me. –  Joel Coehoorn Oct 10 '08 at 16:00
Right now I’m prototyping. I've been told to use any development technology I want. I've used JavaScript to generate a "<TABLE>"; I’ve used Silverlight Beta 2 and used a "<DataGrid>". I like Silverlight because it isn't JavaScript. Creating a "<TABLE>" is JS is hell I do not wish on anyone. –  Nick Berardi Oct 10 '08 at 16:07

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Unless you have a TON of development time, don't try to do it yourself. Try a 3rd party control like Telerik or ComponentOne. None will probably have every feature you wish for, but you should be able to find one that is close enough.

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Option 1: Check out the Silverlight option to develop your application. And it had a good Excel like DataGrid which is rendered at the Browser lever and you can have async calls to server at any point of time you want to persit a change.

Option 2: There are many datagrids available in WPF and you can get a high performance application using .NET3.5, and it is possible to host this as XBAP application.

Option 3: Typical ASP.NET with AJAX enabled Datagrid

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Silverlight just doesn't make any sense here, you can easily accomplish this with javascript; simply drop a lightweight ajax datagrid control on the page like Flexigrid for jQuery. –  Adam Lassek Oct 10 '08 at 16:08
Silverlight has DataGrid, the benifit is C# language backend which is always better than JavaScript –  Jobi Joy Oct 10 '08 at 18:24

I'd recommend ExtJS for an editable data grid with an AJAX data source. ExtJS is a bit bulky but very flexible.

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+1 for the ExtJS datagrid -- I was going to suggest Flexigrid and jQuery, but that one looks even better. –  Adam Lassek Oct 10 '08 at 16:36

Check out SpreadsheetGear. It's a drop in control that mimics (and works with) Excel for .Net. I've seen it used well for both display and back-end calculations.

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The Farpoint Spread control emulates Excel grids pretty well, you can even code formulas behind it. It does cost money though

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Maybe the new Datagrid that is in the wpf toolkit on codeplex has what you need. This datagrid can be templated and style the way you need it.

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